Changes at the front of Philip Morris company

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    Changes at the front of Philip Morris company

    The new CEO of Philip Morris for Southeast Europe since this month is Aleksandar Jakovljevic. He replaced Jelena Pavlovic in that position. Jakovljevic joined Philip Morris in 2015, where he has previously held the functions of financial director for the market of Southeast Europe, as well as the financial director for the markets of Ukraine, the Caucasus and Moldova. Before that, he was in the role of a financial and general director in international companies.

    Former General Director of Philip Morris for Southeastern Europe and current president of the American Chamber of Commerce, Jelena Pavlovic, was elected President of the Board of Directors. She holds fifteen years of experience in various positions in the company, including the successful five-year mandate of the CEO. In the course of her mandate, the factory from Nis had consistently exceeded the production and export records, and Serbia became the PMI headquarters for six regional markets and one of the first markets to launch IQOS – the new, revolutionary product of this company.

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