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    CarGo sold: „Careful what you wish for!“

    After seven and a half years of operations, the CarGo Technologies company no longer exists, the owner Vuk Guberinic announced on his Facebook profile.

    As he said, the CarGo Technologies company has officially ceased to exist since November 1, 2022.

    „Many of you have witnessed the progress this company has recorded, but not the details of its collapse that did not occur due to bad business operation, quite the opposite, and unfortunately, as it is often the case in Serbia, good things either do not survive or survive in another form that they receive due to both internal and external factors that affect survival. Survival! This has been our goal for the last four years and the CarGo application has found a way, but unfortunately this is not the case for me and my company, which seems to have been doomed from the very beginning, so bankruptcy is now certain,” he wrote, adding a short CarGo retrospective in numbers that can be found on his Facebook profile.

    As he said in his public post, “don’t believe in tall tales”.

    „Those allegations that people know who is protected by whom, who is whose brother and the other nonsense, only I know what I have been through and what I am yet to go through in courts… Finally, it all happens according to the old Serbian tradition: ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ he said.

    As he emphasizes, the CarGo app has been sold to another company and continues its life.

    „Unfortunately, there was not enough money left from the sale at the moment to settle all the penalties that were issued to my company CarGo Technologies d.o.o. by the corrupt-criminal organization called the Transport Secretariat of the City of Belgrade, and according to whose claims, decision and penalty, several fines were illegally executed and charged that led to the the company being blocked Therefore, it is irrelevant that the court decided that CarGo was not a taxi service, when we have clerks and politicians who instruct them on how to systematically smother not only the entrepreneurial enterprise and the project, but also the entrepreneurial spirit itself and turn it into debt! Each of you can interpret this message in any way you want and draw lessons from my example in practice. For me, the conclusion is simple, someone can do anything!“, he wrote.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: CarGo

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