"Buying a bike? Save RSD 5,000": A call for residents of Belgrade to buy a bicycle

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    “Buying a bike? Save RSD 5,000”: A call for residents of Belgrade to buy a bicycle

    The “Yugo Cycling Campaign” Association, which won the competition of the City of Belgrade, will announce on Wednesday, on behalf of the city, a public call for funding purchases of bicycles, and the city has allocated RSD 10 million for this purpose, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic has said.

    This is one of the measures for reducing air pollution, stipulated in the Action Plan for Air Quality in Belgrade, Beoinfo reports.

    The public call for providing support to citizens for purchasing bicycles as environmentally acceptable means of transport will be announced under the slogan “Buying a bike? Save RSD 5,000”, Vesic expanded.

    He explained that the competition would be announced on the website of the www.bicikl.info association, and that requests should be submitted electronically on Wednesday as of 7 o’clock.

    All natural persons who have a valid ID card with residence on the territory of Belgrade have the right to participate in this tender. The individual amount of funds allocated to citizens as a part of this public call is five thousand dinars.

    “I invite all residents of Belgrade to respond to this public call and use the subsidies that the City of Belgrade gives for the purchase of bicycles,” Vesic said.

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