Businessmen in Belgrade take down advertisements: HUGE FEES, CSOs threaten with fines of RSD 100,000

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    Businessmen in Belgrade take down advertisements: HUGE FEES, CSOs threaten with fines of RSD 100,000

    These days, businessmen in Belgrade are removing signs on the outer walls of their companies because they are treated as a way of advertising in public space, which is why the city administration handed over decisions on huge fees at the end of last year.

    Milena Amon, a representative of the Association “Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia”, pointed this out today.

    “The city of Belgrade turned into a mockery because company names are scraped off or removed on every other building due to the Decision on advertising on the territory of the city, which prescribes enormous fees for signs even on buildings that are privately owned,” Amon told the Beta agency.

    She added that for a sign of two square meters, which is treated as advertising on a shop that covers an area of 20 square meters, a project has to be done that costs over 300 euros, and the annual fee is several tens of thousands of dinars.

    According to her, the fee is also calculated for a sticker on the outside of the shop window, even though these are privately owned buildings, and not a public area.

    Community service officers, as she said, threaten with fines of 100,000 dinars to those who do not know about the decision on advertising, made at the end of 2018.

    Amon stated that the owners of a travel agency, which has not been working since March, recently received a decision to pay 4,500 dinars a month for advertising on a wall last year.

    “I have been corresponding with the City of Belgrade for more than a year, asking for the talks about the problem with high fees, and they have not yet honored me with a meeting,” she said.

    The owner of a shop in Belgrade for the sale of mobile phones and home appliances, Boris Stojanovic, says that he pays 21,500 dinars a year for illuminated advertising on the facade of his shop.

    “I paid an architect 1,000 euros for the project of that advertisement, and I had to remove the foil from the outside of the shop window with the brand’s logo because it was declared as the use of public space, which I would also have to pay for,” said Stojanovic.

    Izvor: Beta

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