Brnabic: It is absolutely NOT TRUE that PRICE INCREASES will be a blow to citizens' STANDARD

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    Brnabic: It is absolutely NOT TRUE that PRICE INCREASES will be a blow to citizens’ STANDARD

    The Prime Minister of Serbia has said at a press conference on the occasion of two years of her Cabinet’s work that “it is absolutely not true” that the announced price increases of road toll, electricity and fuel will be a blow to the standard of citizens, because, as she said, the Government is taking care to make an increase in salaries and pensions sustainable. Ana Brnabic said that Serbia, in terms of many of these prices, was “ranked the last in Europe” and that “in many situations it is unsustainable” for the prices to remain the same as they are now, because payments would again have to be made from the budget, that is, citizens would still pay for it indirectly. “The inflation is very low and predictable and we should not be hypocritical. If we talk about the increase in the price of road toll, which is the lowest, it will still be the lowest after the price increase,” she said. Commenting on the criticism that many state officials continue to work as “acting public officers”, the prime minister said that it was much more important to the citizens whether minimum wage had been increased, whether highways were built and health centres were renovated than whether an assistant minister had an “acting” status. “It could have been done, but we focused on this and the citizens will decide whether they will support the government that will work for them or the government that will administratively fulfil all the conditions. That is also important, but we cannot do all at once,” she said.

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