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    Brnabic: Electronic payments of property tax

    Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced today that electronic payment of property tax will be enabled as of next year, as well as vouchers for seasonal workers, i.e. their electronic registration.

    „As of January 1, a single base of local tax administrations will start operating, therefore, citizens will be able to access the database via the Internet, view their property tax debts and pay them electronically,“ the prime minister told reporters.

    She added that as of 8 January, for the first time in Serbia, the system of vouchers for seasonal workers would begin to apply, first of all for those in agriculture.

    Brnabic said that seasonal workers in agriculture would thus have social and health insurance, „like in any civilized country,“ which was not the case so far.

    „This voucher system will extend to seasonal workers in construction, tourism,“ she said.

    According to her, by the end of this year, local self-governments in cooperation with the Interior Ministry should complete the task of transferring data on citizenship in the electronic format, so that citizens will be able to get a certificate of citizenship no matter where they live and work.

    Brnabic pointed out that the Address Register would be completed in 2019 as the Republic Geodetic Authority completed its part of the work and recorded 66,480 new streets that had not been registered so far, that is, they did not have a name, and the houses were without numbers.

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