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    BIZLife „30 under 30“: Masa Bukvic, Managing Director, NATIVO Switzerland

    Masa has been raised and educated in France. She completed her law and political science studies at Paul Cezanne University, and as she says, this developed her skills in the methodology of work, argumentation, taking responsibility, and love of learning and research. During her studies, she decided not to pursue diplomacy and law, but business. After several adventurous seasonal jobs abroad, she started working in the system of 700 people, in the Citel company, but she then realized that large systems were not for her. She came to NATIVO Switzerland, a Swiss furniture brand, and she launched the French market. As she points out, everything that has followed would not be possible without the support and serious dedication of her colleagues, associates and business owners. She was offered to work on the opening of three new European markets and, for the first time, she has created and managed a completely new team. She went through the position of Head of Marketing and Sales, and she is now Managing Director.
    Is there anything you have had to sacrifice in order to get where you are now? No, to the contrary. I live my life as I please.
    Has success reached you or have you achieved success? I love to learn, do research, create, work. I have never chased awards, success, accolades because I do not have time for that. They reach everyone who puts effort into what they love, want, wish for.
    What is the most important lesson you have learned in your work so far? „Just do it“. No fear. The most important thing is to dare and be persistent. Try another way if it does not work. Accept failure, be aware of yourself and your current situation. To believe and know that the situation can always be better. Use short sentences because they help you attract attention.
    What is the ultimate goal? I do not know. Everything!
    Favorite subject at school? Mathematics.
    Your first job? Babysitting.
    Business role model? Christine Lagarde.
    A song as a motto? „Halftime“, Amy Winehouse.

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