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    BIZLife „30 under 30“: Katarina Nikolic, Marketing Manager, Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade

    Katarina Nikolic is 29 years old and works as an E-Commerce and Marketing Manager at „Radisson Collection, Old Mill Belgrade“. She is part of the team that opened the latest hotel of the „Radisson Blu“ chain in Belgrade in 2014 and created a unique concept behind it. Team’s ongoing work on recognition of authenticity of the Belgrade hotel and a high level of service resulted in this hotel finding its place among selected hotels of the group in 2018, and becoming a part of an exclusive brand „Radisson Collection“. Katarina has been involved in marketing of the hotel industry from the very beginning, starting her career at the „Hyatt Regency Belgrade“ hotel. Is there anything you had to renounce in order to get to where you are now? Instead of „giving up“, I would rather say that I replaced some of my free time with time at work, which brought me new knowledge, experience, greater self-confidence and allowed me to build myself up in certain business disciplines with which I had no prior contact, yet they are a major part of my work today. Did success reach you, or was it the other way round? I have never put effort into achieving success for the sake of success; I find it much more important to constantly work on yourself, your personal and business qualities, and success will come naturally. It is important to keep in mind that, no matter how well you do your job, there is always room for progress and I strive to work on it on daily basis. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your work so far? There is a lesson to be learned from every business obstacle and it will always bring good. What is the ultimate goal? I think it is important to love the job you do, thus my goal is to be in the industry that I find exciting in the future as well, and to do a job that fulfils me. Favourite school subject? I have always preferred social sciences. 🙂 First job? Marketing assistant at the „Hyatt Regency Belgrade“ hotel. Business role model? Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many successful and capable women who have taught me, supported me and whom I have looked up to and am still surrounded. All of them are my role models. Motivational song?  „La Vida Tombola“ by Manu Chao. 🙂

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