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    BIZLife „30 under 30“: Andjela Kocic, entrepreneur, HearO Glasses

    Angela is a 23-year old electronics engineer, freelancer and entrepreneur. When she was a third year student at the Faculty of Electronics she founded „HearO Glasses“, a startap that dealt with problems of deaf people. She noticed that deaf people have difficulties in everyday traffic, they are more vulnerable than others and they can die or often get injured. Her way of fighting this was to make glasses for the deaf. The team has expanded and, along with her startup colleagues, she has won two awards: the Social Impact Award and FLUO. One of the reasons for starting a business was personal development and acquisition of other skills not exclusively of the field of electronics. She points out that this part exceeded her plans and expectations. Following graduation, Andjela tried freelancing. Although successful in this field, she says that working in her pyjamas does not present a great pleasure, and that next step is co-working and then work in a major company, as she wants to experience industry and develop herself professionally. During her journey through foundation and managing a startup, she discovered passion towards social entrepreneurship and she is currently preparing a new project. Besides that, she loves her bicycle, she recently discovered the pleasures of skiing and she cannot wait to have a dog. Is there anything you had to renounce in order to get to where you are now? So far there were no major waivers. Everything I worked on brought pleasure. Both the process and fruits of that labour. Did success reach you or was it the other way round? I would not call this a success. There are many things that I wish to do and learn. Once I accomplish this, I think I will know how to answer the question. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your work so far? Trust „your gut“ and be gentler with yourself. What is the ultimate goal? To never start hating Monday. Favourite school subject? Physics. First job? Work in a family firm. Business role model. I do not have a business idol. I look up to several people and different reasons of their success. Motivational song? SIA – „Unstoppable“.

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