#BIZkolegijum: "Company culture is a personal stamp, what you are recognized by" (VIDEO)

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    #BIZkolegijum: “Company culture is a personal stamp, what you are recognized by” (VIDEO)

    The human resources function in the company has proven to be one of the most important factors in adapting business to the new circumstances brought by the pandemic. HR managers faced numerous challenges, which is why the media company BIZlife organized the second “BIZkolegijum” on the topic of HR strategies and challenges that 2020 brought.

    At the HR “BIZkolegijum”, there was also talk about corporate culture, and one of the participants and the Head of HR at VIP mobile, Natalija Pesic, considers it very important.

    “Company culture has always been important. It is a personal stamp, i.e. what you are recognized for, because every company is made up of people and they are its greatest ambassadors. Companies that have built and lived a culture based on values ​​such as openness, flexibility, transparency and support adapted much faster to the sudden change, because, in a way, they were already prepared for what the pandemic brought”, says Natalija Pesic for BIZlife.

    When asked about the Employee experience – as a trend in HR, Pesic said that it is not just a measure of the quality of work in the HR department, but that the employee experience has an impact on all aspects of business.

    “Employee experience encompasses all processes within an organization, for example, the process of selecting people, fluctuation of employees, achieving business results,” she explains.

    In the following video please listen to what else she said, i.e. what companies will look like in the future, how important the company culture will be in the coming period, as well as about the HR challenges during the pandemic.

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