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    Bild: Serbia on the BEST way out of the corona crisis

    Serbia will be Europe’s best country in going through the current corona crisis, concludes the German Bild newspaper, in a comparative analysis of how each country responded to challenges of the epidemic and how successfully it overcame those challenges.

    „It is clear that the economy in some countries is growing faster and more solidly than in others, but never before has the difference been so great as in the corona crisis,“ Bild asserts in an article titled „Countries in Crisis Comparison – Why Corona Makes a Difference or Why Serbia is emerging as best from this crisis.“

    Bild points out that the autumn forecast of the European Commission confirms the Serbia’s „first place“ in the European framework and analyzes how our country has achieved that.

    Thus, as reasons for Serbia’s successful passage through the crisis, the newspaper cites a short lockdown, conducted with financial assistance to affected industries, high investments in infrastructure projects, focus on digitalization, significant growth of agricultural exports and the fact that tourism plays almost no role in country’s economy.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: BIZLife

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