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    Bertex CEO promises to pay debts to former workers

    Workers of Turkish Bertex Textile who were dismissed as redundant protested in front of the company’s facility in Petrovac, because they were not paid outstanding salaries, contributions and severance payments.

    They asked for all debts to be paid because the payment deadline set in the dismissal decision, which took effect on October 15, expired.

    Former Bertex employee Violeta Stojanovic specified that Bertex did not pay them two and a half salaries, severance pays that should have been paid before the decision on dismissal, contributions for August, September and part for October, as well as transportation costs and unused annual leave in 2022.

    As Stojanovic told Beta agency, former employees’ representatives talked to the company’s director, Ferhat Gedik.

    She said they were promised that the owner of the Turkish firm would pay the money owed to them, which would be deposited into the firm’s account on Friday. He also confirmed that the money would be deposited into the accounts of the dismissed workers on Tuesday.

    She said they had now given the employer a little more time, but if the promise was not kept, they would radicalize the protest.

    „If this is not fulfilled as we are told, then on Wednesday we will organize a protest in front of the factory, block the roundabout in Petrovac and protest in front of the town hall,“ Stojanovic announced.

    Stojanovic said Bertex owed her about 1,200 euros. She said that 108 workers had been dismissed in Bertex and that they had all applied to the unemployment service, and some had already found another job and started working.

    According to her, there were more than 300 employees in the company from 2017 to 2019, and then layoffs started when about 120 employees were left.

    The Turkish firm Bertex was a beneficiary of state subsidies.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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