Belgrade's Starbucks will have a sign in Cyrillic

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    Belgrade’s Starbucks will have a sign in Cyrillic

    Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic has announced that legal and natural persons who are renting premises owned by the city stand to get additional 5% discount on all taxes if they display their company names in the Cyrillic script, the Blic daily newspaper reports.

    Vesic has said that this is yet another example of promoting the Cyrillic script and a condition set for the US company Starbucks, that intends to open a store with coffee specialties in Belgrade.

    “My condition during negotiations with Starbucks was for a sign to be displayed in both the Latin and Cyrillic scripts,” Vesic has said.

    Starbucks, which was founded in Seattle in 1971, now has more than 28,000 stores around the world. This company is considered the world’s largest firm for coffee roasting and sale of specialty coffee.

    Izvor: Blic

    Foto: Pixabay

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