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    Bambi company marks jubilee, 55 years of doing business

    The Bambi company, the leading confectionery company in the region, celebrated its 55th anniversary on October 15. The children’s biscuit factory, with 37 employees, started operating in 1967. Today, after 55 years, Bambi has more than 650  employees and it produces up to 160 tons a day, which was the annual production back in 1967.

    Thanks to strong employee support, constant innovations and socially responsible business, Bambi builds strong and quality brands. Consumers on four continents, in more than 20 countries around the world, today enjoy the products of Bambi, which continues to strengthen its position by building strong and recognizable brands.

    „It is a great privilege to be part of a company that has enjoyed great consumer confidence for 55 years. I am proud of all the employees of our company and infinitely grateful to all the generations that have been building this company for decades. It is now entrusted to us and we promise to continue to develop the brands under Bambi’s roof for many new generations. As a member of the Coca-Cola HBC Group since 2019, a new opportunity for development has opened up. We are increasing the number of markets we export to, expanding our portfolio and investing, so we recently implemented the biggest single investment in the company’s history of EUR 12 million by investing in a new production plant, and we plan to open a Research and Development Center in Pozarevac,“ says Dragan Stajkovic, CEO of Bambi.

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