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    Austrian magazine: Ancient wine culture of Serbia on the rise

    The famous Austrian magazine dedicated to wine, food and travel Falstaff has designated Serbia as an emerging wine-growing country, whose wine culture goes far back in the past, noting that the country has modernly equipped wineries in all wine-growing regions that produce a wide range of quality wines, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce said.

    On the occasion of the upcoming international wine fair „Wine Vision of the Open Balkans“ in Belgrade, Peter Moser, editor-in-chief of the magazine, pointed out in an op-ed that Serbia has the opportunity to present the best of its wine cellars „on a very promising stage“.

    „Serbia’s wine culture has deep roots in history, in addition to the influence of the Thracians and Greeks, it was the Romans who took advantage of the good local climate and land for viticulture. After a long period during which it was forbidden to produce wine outside the central Roman Empire, in the third century AD production on the current territory of Serbia began again, first in the region of Fruska Gora in present-day Vojvodina, which was then called Sirmium,“ said Moser.

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