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    As of today no more promotional emails to which you have not agreed

    Implementation of the Law on the Protection of Financial Services Consumers has commenced today, thus no longer should you be burdened by payment of a certain type of insurance that you did not ask yourself, or by receiving emails that you did not consent to.

    That law stipulates that citizens are exempt from any kind of obligation in case of services that are not ordered, such as, for example, a case with certain types of insurance where user is not aware of any obligations in the first place, nor did he or she requested such services.

    Also, in order to prevent aggressive advertising via automated sending of emails or in other similar manner, it is stipulated that this type of communication is possible only if the user has previously explicitly agreed to it.

    So far, users’ rights have been protected by special laws, primarily the Law on Protection of Financial Services Consumers. New regulations are adjusted to new technologies and use of the most diverse services via the Internet and mobile phones.

    Some of the most important decisions made by this law refer to provision of clear and relevant information at the pre-contractual stage and during advertising.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

    Piše: T. K.

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