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    APR: Petrohemija was the most profitable public company in 2017

    Petrohemija based in Pancevo, last year’s loss-maker, is the first on the list of companies in Serbia with the highest net profit in 2017, and the list of the most successful public companies also includes some public companies that operate according to market principles, the Business Registers Agency (APR) stated today.

    The APR published the list of top 100 companies last year, where seven public companies are listed in terms of profitability, but none of the companies got the best solvency rating A, and several of them got the B rating.

    The data for 102,395 companies on business income, net profit, assets, capital and loss were assessed and ranked.

    „The net profit of the first-ranked company, Petrohemija, in 2017 was RSD 40.46 billion and it accounts for 6.1 percent of the net profit of the entire economy of Serbia. In 2016, the loss of this company amounted to RSD 5.26 billion,” it was stated at a press conference by Ruzica Stamenkovic, the registry administrator of the Registry of Financial Reports and Solvency of the APR.

    The second-ranked company is Naftna industrija Srbije (NIS), which increased its net profit by 72.8 percent last year to RSD 27.79 billion, which is 4.2 percent of the profit of the entire Serbian economy.

    Srbijagas is ranked third with a net profit of RSD 16.72 billion, which is 7.7 times higher than in 2016. This company is also the leader in terms of the overall loss, which is 1.7 percent lower than last year’s loss, amounting to RSD 128.54 billion.

    The biggest Serbian company, Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS), the same as in the previous year, is leading the list of companies in terms of business revenues, which amounted to RSD 252.11 billion in 2017. The net profit of this company of about RSD 3.40 billion is lower by 61.3 percent than in 2016, while the total loss was RSD 122.11 billion.

    Based on the multifold growth in profitability, with significant increase in the volume of business operation, strengthening financial capacities and increasing the number of employees, three companies stood out: Real Knitting based in Gajdobra, which produces socks, Robert Bosch based in Belgrade and Grundfos based in Indjija, which produces pumps and compressors.

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