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    Applications for „My first salary“ start: young college graduates will receive RSD 30,000

    The second phase of the My First Salary program has begun, in which the unemployed apply for jobs registered by employers in the first phase of the program.

    Applications can be submitted until the end of the month, and the unemployed can apply with more employers and for more jobs with the same employer.

    10,313 employers applied until September 22, requiring a total of 26,905 young trainees for 18,006 different positions.

    For this year, the „My First Salary“ program is planned to include up to 10,000 young people up to 30 years of age, with at least secondary education and no work experience.

    The idea is that the program is implemented by the employer, in the private and public sectors, lasting for nine months, and that it is implemented without entering into an employment relationship.

    On a monthly basis, the National Employment Service will pay a financial compensation in the amount of RSD 25,000 to young people with secondary education, while it will pay RSD 30,000 to young people with higher education, with the payment of contributions in the event of an occupational injury and occupational disease.

    This is the second stage of selection, and the third stage concerns the selection of candidates by employers.

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