Apart from pensions budget can withstand salary increase as well?

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    Apart from pensions budget can withstand salary increase as well?

    Besides pensions there is a space in the budget for salary increase as well, approximately by six percent in overall earnings, member of the Fiscal Council Nikola Altiparmakov says and the Blic daily reports.

    As he has said, the important thing is not to provide linear increase to everyone.

    He thinks that, based on analyses, higher increase should be provided to key yet insufficiently paid sectors, such as doctors and nurses, and points out that so far little has been done on rightful distribution of salaries in public sector.

    Pointing out that one can say how state finances are currently in order Altiparmakov has stated for the Blic daily that one of the consequences of stabilization of state finances is also cancellation of temporary austerity measures and conditions for cancellation of temporary Pension Reduction Law have been met.

    Prior to the upcoming arrival of the IMF delegation to Belgrade, Altiparmakov says it is very positive and important that Government has decided to continue cooperation with this financial institution.

    “Besides preserving good economic and fiscal results, a new three-year arrangement with the IMF would also include reform of public enterprises, as it has been seriously bypassed in previous arrangement,” Altiparmakov has said.

    According to him, bringing order in state finances was a precondition for sustainable growth in standard of living in Serbia and that precondition was necessary but not sufficient for long-term growth in standard of living. He thinks that present challenges include development of strong and efficient institutions, efficient administration of justice, modernization of tax policy, legal safety, reforms in healthcare and education, etc.

    Izvor: Blic

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