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    Air Serbia’s new record: More than 200,000 passengers in November

    Air Serbia has announced that it transported more than 200,000 passengers in regular and charter traffic during November, which is the largest number of passengers in that month since 2013, and in 11 months this year 2.5 million passengers.

    During November, which is known in this part of the world as one of the months with the lowest traffic intensity, the Serbian national airline achieved a growth of 113 percent in the number of passengers transported, i.e. twice as much as in November 2021, Air Serbia announced.

    As it is stated, compared to the November of the record-breaking year 2019, there was also an increase of 15 percent.

    “In the first 11 months of this year, we transported over 2,500,000 passengers. That is a million passengers more than last year. Looking back, the most successful year for Air Serbia was 2019 when, from January to November, we transported only four percent more passengers than this year,“ said Air Serbia’s Commercial and Strategy Director Bosko Rupic.

    It is added that during November, Air Serbia had 2,536 flights from Belgrade airport, as well as from the airports in Nis and Kraljevo, which exceeded the total number of flights from November 2019 by 10%.

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