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    Agency: We have NOT CHANGED the criteria for assessing air QUALITY

    The Environmental Protection Agency of Serbia denied changing the criteria for assessing air quality.

    Former head of the Agency, Milenko Jovanovic stated a few days ago that he was fired because he stood against director of the Agency for changing the criteria for assessing air quality, which renamed „polluted“ air to „acceptable“.

    The Agency’s statement says that „only the ranges of the air quality index are harmonized with those used by the Institute of Public Health Belgrade“.

    The agency, as explained, cannot simply change the criteria for assessing air quality because it is prescribed by law.

    It was pointed out that a disciplinary procedure was initiated against Jovanovic, and later a decision was made to terminate his employment, due to „non-compliance with procedures in organizing work of the department he managed, i. e. inadequate maintenance of automatic air quality measuring stations.“

    As stated, Jovanovic was also fired due to „an inappropriate behaviour in communication with supervisors and subordinates in the Agency.“

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