A protest by postpartal and pregnant women to be held Tuesday

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    A protest by postpartal and pregnant women to be held Tuesday

    Pregnant and postpartal women displeased with the Law on Financial Support to Families with Children are organizing a protest walk to the building of the Serbian government in Belgrade on September 25th,

    A protest walk dubbed “Moms are the law” will commence at 5 PM, from the Nikola Pasic Square to the building of the Serbian government.

    As published on social networks, the protest is not “politically coloured” and is organized by dissatisfied pregnant and postpartal women, as some of them will receive very small monthly compensation during maternity leave or child care due to a change in calculation.

    The new regulation damages mothers who have less than 18 month of continuous employment, female entrepreneurs, mothers who have children with disabilities, children who are born as third or fourth child in the family before July 1st and are less than 10 years old and mothers who earn more than three average wages state-wise.

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