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    A new off-road vehicle from Kragujevac

    Testing of a new off-road vehicle „Zastava NTV“ is commencing. A new military vehicle produced at Kragujevac based plant will be tested in the climate chamber of the Technical Test Center, as well as on very demanding terrains of Deliblato sands, mountains Zlatibor and Fruska Gora.

    Namely, the Military Technical Institute, in cooperation with Kragujevac based company „Zastava TERVO“, participated in designing of a new off-road vehicle „Zastava NTV“, produced in Kragujevac based plant.

    This vehicle is produced in two variants, as a van with an extended cabin capable of transporting 8+1 people, and an off-road vehicle with a short cabin for transportation of tools and materials up to 1.4 tons. Both variants are also equipped with towing equipment, capable of pulling tools and trailers with a total weight of up to 1.7 tons.

    The new off-road vehicle „Zastava NTV“ is a multifunctional vehicle with a maximum weight capacity of 7.5 tons (usable capacity 2.5 tons), which is entirely produced in the plant „Zastava TERVO“, except for engine, gearbox and independent suspension system.

    The laboratory, field and off-road tests of „Zastava NTV“ vehicle, which will be subjected to very rigorous and demanding tests during examination, should prove that the adopted concept of the vehicle and its traction-dynamic characteristics are in full compliance with the set requirements.

    Izvor: Pressek

    Foto: Ministarstvo odbrane

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