A MOTIVE for residents of Novi Sad: The city SUBSIDIZES purchase of bicycles with RSD 10,000

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    A MOTIVE for residents of Novi Sad: The city SUBSIDIZES purchase of bicycles with RSD 10,000

    The subsidy for the purchase of bicycles in Novi Sad, which will be awarded to citizens on the basis of a public invitation, will amount to RSD 10,000 a person.

    As stated by the City Administration for Environmental Protection for 021.rs, the subsidies will start soon, and citizens will be ranked in the public call according to the time of arrival of their application.

    As it has already been announced, the project of awarding subsidies in the total amount of eight million dinars will be implemented by the association that the city commission will choose at the competition. All the details of the competition are still unknown.

    In order to receive a subsidy in the amount of RSD 10,000, a citizen must reside on the territory of Novi Sad. Only one instead of multiple family members can receive funds via public invitation.

    The citizen must have proof of purchase of a new bicycle, with date after the announcement of the final rankings. That proof can be a fiscal account with a cash account in the name of the subsidy winner, and the citizens will receive money on their RSD account. The bicycle must be bought on the territory of Serbia.

    Subsidies for the purchase of bicycles are awarded as a result of the idea of ​​the Novi Sad Cycling Initiative, which initially “raised” this idea of supporting cycling and protecting the environment to the national level, and then lowered it to the local level, the territory of Novi Sad respectively. Following Novi Sad, the City of Nis decided to award subsidies for the purchase of bicycles.

    Izvor: 021

    Foto: Pixabay

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