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    A CORNERSTONE for the arms industry plant and „a NEW LIFE for Kursumlija“

    President Aleksandar Vucic laid the cornerstone for the arms industry plant „Borbeni slozeni sistemi“ in Kursumlija, in which, as he announced, 80 people will be employed  as soon as May or June, and a total of 300 workers will be employed in the next two years. „This will be your plant and not the plant of the Republic of Serbia. People see that when state builds, it can do it quickly,“ said Vucic, laying the cornerstone together with the Director of „Jugoimport SDPR“ Jugoslav Petkovic. We will have many more soldiers in Kursumlija than we have today, meaning a new life, more people who will work, a procurement for the army, higher turnover for restaurants and coffee bars, Vucic said. He emphasized that this is an investment of EUR 20 million, plus EUR 25 million euros, of which EUR 20 million will be invested in construction works.

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