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    A better look for cultural monument, Uros Predic Grammar School in Pancevo

    As a company that continuously invests in improving the environmental image of Serbia and improving the conditions of education, within the Common Cause Community program and in cooperation with the City of Pancevo, NIS supported the project of replacing doors and windows in the building of the Uros Predic Grammar School in Pancevo.

    The value of the project exceeds RSD 5.5 million, and thanks to these funds, in addition to the new modern appearance of the facility, the improvement of energy efficiency within this educational institution has been enabled.

    A total of 41 windows on the street side of the building were replaced within the project.

    Thus, in addition to reducing the loss of thermal energy, the safety of students and employees in the school has been increased.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: NIS

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