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    6,000 foreign women work in Serbia

    Out of 35,000 foreign nationals who earned a salary in Serbia last year, 5,919 were women, with the highest number of work permits being issued to Chinese citizens.

    Russia came in second, followed by Turkey and India, the National Employment Service confirmed.

    Work permits for foreign nationals in 2022:

    China 10,044 (1,030 women)

    Russia 8,081 (2,330 women)

    Turkey 5,672 (119 women)

    India 2,974 (23 women)

    Cuba 703 (255 women)

    North Macedonia 498 (174 women)

    Ukraine 484 (276)

    Nepal 420 (89 women)

    BiH 354 (80 women)

    Montenegro 325 (109 women)

    „The largest number of foreign workers in the previous year was engaged primarily in the field of construction. These are different profiles of construction workers – builders, reinforcers, auxiliary construction workers, plasterers, carpenters. A large number of permits have also been issued to welders.“

    Furthermore, many work permits were issued to IT experts from various fields of the IT field, as Zoran Martinovic, director of the National Employment Service, confirmed for Blic.

    In addition, a significant number of foreigners are engaged as auxiliary workers in various branches of the economy, such as service activities, in the hospitality and hotel industry.

    When we look at the level of professional qualifications of foreigners, most of the workers have high school, vocational or university education, but there are also a lot of unskilled workers.

    Last year, 35,174 foreigners worked in Serbia, which is about 12,000 more than in 2021. Namely, that is how many work permits were issued by the National Employment Service to foreign nationals.

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