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    1,400,000 ILLEGAL workers in the Western Balkans

    Participants of the regional workshop in Sarajevo have tried to find a way to address the issue of illegal employment and informal economy in the Western Balkans, through structured approach to regional cooperation, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) announced. RCC spokeswoman Maja Handzinska Trendafilova says that, according to rough estimates, a total loss of revenue in six economies of the Western Balkans due to undeclared work amounts to several billion euros, „which are significant funds that might have been used to improve services or for infrastructure projects.“ The RCC announced that the estimated total number of clandestine workers in the Western Balkans is 1,400,000. „Besides, labour force surveys estimate that between 20 and 30 percent of employees is illegally employed, while according to a World Bank survey of enterprises, nearly half, i.e. 49.2 percent of enterprises in the region, compete with companies that conduct illegal business“, the statement said.

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