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    You did not sell the airport shares? You will soon receive a profit from concession on your account

    Citizens who did not sell their shares of the „Nikola Tesla Airport“ should receive RSD1.519 by the end of March, which is portion of the profit that this company realized last year, the „Vecernje novosti“ daily reports.

    This is practically a distribution of EUR501 million from a concession fee that French concessionaire – VINCI Airports paid to the Airport. A portion of profit that Serbian company realized during 2018 is also added to this amount.

    Shareholders’ Assembly, on which decision on distribution of profit should be adopted, has been scheduled for March 18th. This is three months prior to the usual deadline for regular assembly, on which distribution of the profit is to be discussed.

    According to material intended for shareholders for the upcoming assembly, total unallocated profit of the Airport „Nikola Tesla“ a.d. on December 31st, 2018, is RSD62.05 billion.

    Izvor: Večernje novosti

    Foto: Promo

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