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    Yettel prva 100 zelena mreža u Srbiji

    Yettel – first 100% green network in Serbia

    Yettel is the first mobile network in Serbia that uses exclusively energy from renewable sources, for which it has the confirmation of the competent institutions of the Republic of Serbia. The company has launched a new digital service Eco Bonus, through which customers choose to have 4.6 kilograms of plastic and 2.2 kilograms of paper/cardboard waste recycled on their behalf on a monthly basis.

    “Balance is at the core of the Yettel brand, and one of the areas we will focus on is balance with nature. We want to reduce the negative impact on the environment and we offer users an opportunity to do the same. Our network is 100% green, and from the recycling program, in which we have recycled almost 350,000 devices so far, we have learned that users are happy to get involved when you offer them a concrete solution,“ says Mike Michel, CEO of Yettel.

    It is estimated that an average resident of Serbia generates about 4.6 kg of plastic, and 2.2 kg of paper/cardboard waste (6.8 kg in total) per month. That is why Yettel offers users to collect and recycle this amount of waste on their behalf in cooperation with an authorised waste management operator.


    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Yettel

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