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    Workers are desperate: State misled us, there is no place for 300 workers in „Al Dahra“

    The company Al Dahra of the United Arab Emirates, which became the new owner of the PKB last fall and announced that all workers will keep their jobs following privatization, did not renew labour contract with 300 employees, and there is a possibility that another 300 employees will lose their jobs as well, the „Danas“ daily reports. According to this newspaper, several employees of PKB have called editorial board of the „Danas“ daily, claiming they lost their job and that state as a former employer misled them. „When it was already familiar that PKB’s property was sold to „Al Dahra“, all employees with permanent placement had their contracts terminated and received severance payments, as stipulated by the law. However, it was stipulated in the consensual termination of the contract that everyone will continue their work at the new owner, following privatization. Thus, all 1,700 employees signed fixed-term contracts. Only a few directors received permanent placement,“ workers who wished to remain anonymous stipulated. According to them, one group of workers signed contracts for five months, which have recently expired, and new ones have not been offered, so they have lost their jobs. Interlocutors of the „Danas“ daily claim that state misled them, as it promised them they will keep their jobs, but this did not happen. „This is a classic deception. State, being the employer, was not honest. If we were told that the Serbian government cannot guarantee we will have permanent employment with the new owner, most of us would only take severance payments and look for a new job, instead of signing a contract for only five months,“ former workers of PKB have stated. They have added that they have been conscientiously deceived and exploited to complete the necessary work on PKB land, and as soon as they finished this they were laid off. „The same fate now awaits around 300 workers more, as their three-month contracts are about to expire. An additional problem is that, due to way we have been deceived, we have no right to seek compensation at the National Employment Service,“ former workers of PKB have said.

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