WHO: Polluted air in Serbia is "the culprit" for 6,600 premature deaths in 2016

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    WHO: Polluted air in Serbia is “the culprit” for 6,600 premature deaths in 2016

    The Director of the Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Belgrade, Marjan Ivanusa, stated that the estimates of that organization from 2016 indicate around 6,600 premature deaths due to air pollution in Serbia.

    Such pollution “can result” in various serious diseases and lead to deaths, Ivanusa stated with the “Politika” daily newspaper.

    “Our daily activities in the field of farming, industry, traffic and heating, affect air quality, thus it is necessary to introduce additional measures in all these areas.”

    He said that the goal is long-term improvement of air quality and because of that coordinated interventions are needed in the relevant sectors, not only at the level of decision makers, but the entire society as well.

    He added that “a lot can be done at the individual level, but with support of the local self-government”.

    “When we talk about polluted air, we should also mention the big problem of cigarette smoking in Serbia, as estimates indicate that almost 20,000 premature deaths which can be related to smoking are registered annually,” Ivanusa pointed out.

    In terms of pollution, Serbian cities are regularly at the top of the list on the Air Visual website, which monitors air quality around the world in real time.

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