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    What are characteristics of a good manager?

    Dragoljub Damljanovic is Energy & Field Services VP for South East Europe Operations at Schneider Electric and a member of the Managerial Board of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM). In 2017 he was named „Manager of the Year“ at prestigious SAM annual awards, which will be presented this year as well. The finalists in all five categories are already familiar and winners will be announced at the grand ceremony SAM GALA 2018 on December 12th in Belexpocentar, which will be attended by more than 400 most influential invitees from business, political, cultural and media life of Serbia.

    Damljanovic answers what it means to be a manager nowadays.

    What does manager’s function in the 21st century mean?

    For years I have been advocating thesis that the most important link of every organization is – people. This also means that the most important challenge for every manager is to have a clear strategy and capability to inspire the team, to give freedom to colleagues to take responsibility, be creative and entrepreneurial, give their maximum and achieve results. Recognizing talents, support to skill development, overcoming self-imposed constraints, achieving what seemed unachievable only yesterday, as well as support in difficult times are part of the profile of a nowadays manager. Only that way is it possible for each team member to explore where he wants to go and how he wants to progress, only in that way it is possible to inspire individuals in the team to give their maximum.

    Do we all pretend to be managers today?

    In my opinion, that depends on the nature of every person, the current circumstances in business that he or she deals with and, most of all, the ambition, idea and direction in which one wants to develop. The one who knows himself well and strives for inner peace and pleasure will find it much easier to find oneself and realize what is best for him or her, compared to someone who values formal positions and status symbols of “success” more.

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