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    gas, nezaposlenost

    We should not hope for gas from Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan has no surplus gas available for Europe, including Serbia, until it opens new gas fields, said president of the Assembly of the Gas Association, Vojislav Vuletic.

    He told the Beta agency that all available gas in the country was reserved for the TAP pipeline, going to Italy via Greece and Turkey.

    „It is good that Europe has closed the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and that European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen went to Azerbaijan to conclude a contract for an increase in the amount of gas for Europe, but there will be no gas for them there, or for Serbia, until new gas fields are opened, and that takes eight to ten years,“ Vuletic said.

    He added that there would be no gas for Germany from Azerbaijan for the next ten years, and that „if there is no gas for Ursula in that country, there is no gas for Serbia.“

    Vuletic pointed out that the world’s large reserves of gas „South Fars“ were located in Iran, but that there was no pipeline and that it could not be delivered to Europe.

    Serbian Mining and Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic has said that the construction of the gas interconnector Serbia-Bulgaria will be completed in September next year.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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