We Managed to Find out How the National Museum Found Its Way to the Biggest Exporters List

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    We Managed to Find out How the National Museum Found Its Way to the Biggest Exporters List

    The National Museum in Belgrade has found its way to the list of the 15 biggest exporters in the first quarter of 2018 thanks to the temporary export of cultural goods for the needs of thematic exhibitions abroad. This is the declared value of the cultural assets of the Republic of Serbia, on the basis of which the amount of insurance is determined for the duration of the exhibition, the National Museum told BIZLife.

    It was explained to us that these are non-commercial contracts between cultural institutions whose aim is not economic gain.

    In addition to the individual lending of the National Museum and participation in international exhibitions, a large exhibition, Treasure and Emperors – the Luxury of Roman Serbia is under way in Italy, where 61 items of special value and importance are presented, 30 of which are from the National Museum. After the exhibition ends, all exhibits will be returned to Serbia, and a significant part of this exhibition will find its place in the permanent exhibition of the National Museum, due to be opened at the end of June.

    Reconstruction of the National Museum has lasted for 15 years and the grand opening is expected in June. The list of the 15 largest exporters in the first three months of the year was published on the website of the Ministry of Finance. The National Museum was last on that list, with exports worth 33.3 million euros.

    The National Museum thus found itself neck to neck with the likes of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia, whose exports amounted to 225.7 million euros, and the HBIS Group, the owner of the Smederevo Ironworks, with an export of 201 million euros.

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