"We are the fastest in Europe, average salaries can reach EUR 1,000"

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    “We are the fastest in Europe, average salaries can reach EUR 1,000”

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that by the end of the work of the next government, the average salary could be 1,000 euros.

    Commenting on the economic situation in the country, Vucic, as a guest on Pink TV, said that in the last two years, since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, Serbia has made the fastest economic progress in entire Europe.

    “Doctors and nurses from Germany are returning to us for the first time. They want to return to their country. We have a problem with utility workers and we have to find a way to bring them back to Serbia. By the end of the next government’s term, the average salary will be 1,000 euros, and the pension 500 euros. That is achievable, if there are no external problems and if there are no major disruptions at the global level,” he said.

    The president of Serbia said that the state lacked plumbers, drivers, mechanics…

    Referring to the state aid to young people in the amount of 100 euros and criticism that it is a populist measure and bribery of voters before the elections, Vucic said that the representatives of the opposition would have done the same if, as he said, they could.

    Vucic said that 204 million euros were allocated for assistance to young people – twice the amount of 100 euros, 300 million euros for one-time benefits to pensioners in the amount of RSD 20,000, which is the amount of 500 million “that you must be able to give without jeopardizing the public debt rate”.


    Izvor: Nova.rs, FoNet, Direktno

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