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    „We are the best“: Serbia will exceed Croatia and Montenegro by several billion euros

    The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated that this year Serbia will have the smallest decline in gross domestic product (GDP) among European countries, and in order to stimulate growth he announced additional investments in larger projects and road maintenance.

    Following a special session of the Serbian government, Vucic told reporters that in the third quarter the growth of GDP was 11 percent opposed to the second quarter, and that the decline compared to the same period last year was 1.3 percent.

    He announced significant investments in mining, energy, construction, traffic and infrastructure, primarily in the construction of gas pipeline, saying that RSD 14.4 billion of additional investments in road maintenance had been secured.

    „For further GDP growth it is necessary not to shut down the economy, and that is why I am asking all people from the Crisis Staff not to close catering facilities, if possible. This is necessary because of the people who work there, not because of state, as it has no problems with the budget,“ said Vucic.

    „We are the best, we have the smallest decline in Europe in the third quarter,“ said Vucic and boasted that Serbia would „exceed“ other countries in the region even more.

    „Serbia will escape Croatia by EUR 3.5 billion in three years, and Montenegro by another five billion,“ he announced.

    He pointed out that Serbia will be one of the few countries that will increase not only the minimum wage, but salaries in the public sector and pensions as well, without significant negative effects on the budget, i.e., while maintaining a healthy economy and without taking loans.

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