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    „We are going for the THIRD DOSE, the FIFTH VACCINE will arrive in October“

    The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, announced that we would soon start giving the third dose of the vaccine in Serbia.

    „I urge people to get inoculated. We will certainly have to go with the third dose soon, because many people are already running out of time, and for people who have been reinoculated, 6 to 8 months have passed. We currently have 1,300,000 available vaccines. We can inoculate half of those who are inoculated. „We have no problem with vaccines,“ the president said.

    He reiterated that we do not have a problem with vaccines and we are just waiting for the experts to make a decision when we start with the third dose and whether the vaccines will be mixed or not.

    „The fact that we have been inoculated does not mean that we will not be infected, but we will have a 95 percent higher chance of surviving than those who have not been inoculated. Please, for God’s sake, stop making irresponsible statements about nonsense such as chips, because when you tell such story, you will kill someone,“ says Vucic.

    He also announced that the fifth vaccine – Moderna – will be available in Serbia from October.

    „We will soon have a fifth vaccine as well. We also got Moderna, and it will arrive as of October. We will soon be coming out with the first series of component one vaccines, produced by us. In a few days, I expect the filling of Chinese vaccine to start here. We will lay a foundation stone for the plant in a month. Our numbers are growing, and I see them growing everywhere among those who do the testing. The only cure is to get inoculated,“ says Vucic.

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