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    „We are getting ready for introduction of COVID CERTIFICATES“

    The decision we made at the session of the Crisis Staff is to prepare for the introduction of covid certificates, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said.

    „We are preparing for the introduction, if necessary, and we will make the final decision in a few days.“ We have made the decision that everybody should get ready for the introduction of the covid certificates, so if we adopt this measure, everyone should know at the very moment how to implement it“, Brnabic said.

    In order for the Covid certificates to be in accordance with the Constitution, they will most likely be introduced for premises where it is not necessary for people to stay, and where the infection rate is high, she stated.

    „Nightclubs, bars, cafes and restaurants with indoor spaces. We will not introduce the certificates for small-box retailers,“ the Prime Minister says.

    „Vaccination, vaccination, vaccination“

    The Prime Minister appealed to the citizens to get vaccinated because, as she says, vaccination is the only way out of this situation and the only way to defeat the coronavirus.

    „When it comes to measures, the first vaccine, the second vaccine, vaccination of young people. Get vaccinated, people, if you want to preserve your own life, your families, your community. Especially young people, between 12 and 30 years of age. 80% of the infected persons are under the age of 20. Every third infected person is younger than 20,“ Brnabic says, adding that there is nothing more that the state can do.

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