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    Vinci: Our goal is 15 million passengers per year at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade

    The goal of the concessioner of Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade is 15 million passengers per year, said CEO of Vinci Concessions and Chairman of the concessionaire, the company Vinci Airports, Nicolas Notebaert, in an interview with today’s issue of the Vecernje novosti daily.

    Since last December, French company Vinci Airports has taken over the management of the Belgrade airport for a period of 25 years, for which it paid a one-time concession fee of 501 million euros.

    „We have great expectations for Nikola Tesla Airport. In addition to our own efforts, the increase in traffic depends on a certain number of macroeconomic parameters over which we do not have control. It is, therefore, complicated to give the exact figure about the expected increase in the number of passengers for the next five or 10 years. However, our ambition is to reach the threshold of 15 million passengers by the end of the concession,“ Notebaert said.

    He said that it was in the interest of Belgrade airport for the national airline AirSerbia to be successful. „Vinci’s goal is to work together with AirSerbia and for this cooperation to be a crucial part of our airport development strategy. One of our main goals is to improve the business conditions of the airport to enable AirSerbia to offer new lines as part of its strategy of creating a hub,“ Notebaert said.

    According to him, the ambitious plans for the development of Belgrade airport include the concept of integrated operation of the terminals, with increased capacity and a better overall atmosphere within the terminals.

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