Vesic: COMPLETE OPENING of cafes from May 8

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    Vesic: COMPLETE OPENING of cafes from May 8

    Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, has confirmed that hospitality facilities will be completely opened from May 8, and that that was decided at the session of the Crisis Staff.

    “The session of the Crisis Staff of the Government of the Republic of Serbia has ended. A decision was made to completely open hospitality facilities on May 8. It was decided to allow vaccination in shopping malls and other public places with the consent of the competent public health institutes,” Vesic wrote on his Facebook profile.

    On behalf of the City of Belgrade, he thanked all the members of the crisis staff because, as he said, they showed understanding for the demands of the economy.

    “I believe that together we have found a balance of allowing the economy to work and at the same time preserving the public health of citizens. In addition, I cannot help but notice that Belgrade is the best region when it comes to vaccination and that it is fair for our citizens to be rewarded because they are responsible,” Vesic concluded.

    At the session of the Crisis Staff for the suppression of the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided that the anti-pandemic measures would not be mitigated because “favourable conditions have not been created for their mitigation.”

    After the staff session, epidemiologist Branislav Todorovic said that, if current measures were observed, there was a possibility of mitigating them after May 8.

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