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    Vesic: Belgrade to get PUBLIC TRANSPORT on rivers

    At today’s session of the Belgrade City Assembly, a decision will be reached on public transport of passengers by line river navigation on the territory of the city, which opens the possibility for the city to establish public transport on rivers from Grocka to Obrenovac, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said.

    Vesic specified for Happy TV that the decision regulated the conditions for performing public transport by ships, the obligations of carriers and passengers, the scope and quality of services, as well as who was tasked with conducting control.

    „The decision stipulates that ship routes can be available for line navigation, but also for tourist-cruise lines. Regular ship transport will be carried out from 6 to 22 o’clock, except on days when navigation is not possible due to weather conditions“, Vesic said.

    As he explained, the routes are determined in keeping with the needs of the population and set in the plan of the routes, and they are registered in the Secretariat for Public Transport, with a prior approval of the Port Authority.

    A passenger will not be able to board the ship without a ticket or some other kind of pass for public transport, because the validation of the tickets will be conducted in the harbours and without it, nobody will be allowed to board the ship, Vesic pointed out.

    According to him, the decision stipulates that the transporters are obliged not to endanger the passengers with their navigation, to take care of maintaining order in the vessel and to adhere to the orders of the Port Authority.

    Izvor: TV Hepi

    Foto: Beta/Milan Obradović

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