VALUED Profession: Wedding packages up to EUR 2,000, they do not do "small" events

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    VALUED Profession: Wedding packages up to EUR 2,000, they do not do “small” events

    With the relaxation of measures in Serbia, but also with fair weather, many people have decided to have major celebrations, such as weddings, christenings and birthdays during this period.

    Organizing such events incurs major costs, both basic ones and costs that were not so represented in the preparations a few years ago, or did not even exist.

    These costs include professional photographers, who have recently become almost mandatory when organizing family celebrations and other parties.

    Everybody wants to chronicle important moments, such as weddings or the christening of a child, but for this service, if they bear it in mind and book it on time, they will have to pay quite a lot.

    This is why at the moment most photographers, according to the experiences of people who organized celebrations in this period, are busy until mid-September, and if you need only a few photos that would cost “a little”, they will not take the job, because it is not cost-effective.

    Professional photographers usually have their own price lists, and depending on their “image”, personal qualities and creativity, but also on the equipment they use, the prices are very diverse.

    Thus, websites of certain photographers from Belgrade, include a price list, according to which the price of individual birthdays, weddings, christenings etc, is not less than EUR 100.

    Those who, we assume, charge a bit more and whose prices depend on the number of guests, conditions in which they take photos, wishes of the person who is honoured etc, mostly point out that the price is negotiable.

    Thus, the price of a “family package” of a certain Belgrade photographer is EUR 2,000, and it includes: all-day photo coverage by 2 photographers, photographing the newlyweds on the wedding day, but also an additional “session” before or after the wedding, 3 hours long, a private online gallery for the couple and their guests, 100 printed photos and a USB stick, as well as a photo album.

    Also, there are packages with slightly reduced prices, which do not contain the same items as the most expensive one. The least expensive package costs approximately EUR 300, and it includes only a session for the newlywed couple, 2 to 3 hours long, on any day, except on weekends, as well as an online gallery.

    Izvor: BIZlife/Jelena Jevtić

    Foto: Pixabay

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