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    Truck drivers took a stand, for the time being

    The carriers’ associations have blocked four border cargo terminals in Serbia for two hours – Kelebija, Sid, Vatin and Presevo – as a sign of protest due to high price of fuel, a small refund for excises and problems with payment of terminals witch which they have been facing for ten years.

    They say that, unlike carriers of the region, they pay between 20 to 40 percent higher price of fuel. They want to terminate the practice of charging access to terminals, because state gave it to sole traders, thus for example they need to pay RSD1,400 per truck in Sid, RSD2,500 in Kelebija, and there are places they do not have to pay anything. They ask for such a practice to stop.

    Their request is for state to grant them subsidies for purchase of new trucks, so that they can be equal with other businessmen and agricultural workers.

    They also request improvement in speed of border crossing, because delays in other countries last up an hour or to, while they are delayed up to 15 to 20 hours.

    The Address to which they referred their requests is the Ministry of Finance. Negotiations have already commenced and new meeting is scheduled for October 5th. Carriers say that experience so far has shown that they are not serious. The Ministry replied that they do not wish to negotiate on the street.

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