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    Trade Union: Lack of parts delayed production in Fiat

    The President of the Independent Trade Union of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia Zoran Markovic says that launch of serial production of Fiat 500L has been postponed for Wednesday, February 6th.

    Markovic has stated with „Beta“ agency that this company listed lack of parts as the reason for delayed production, and he presumes that delay is with heavy trucks transporting parts for assembly.

    Production lines at FCA should be launched in both shifts on Tuesday, February 5th, following a stoppage on January 30th.

    Free days, according to trade union, were the result of „harmonisation between production and demand“.

    Workers of Kragujevac based FCA had only nine working days in January in both shifts, following a two-month break, while one working day was for the first shift only, because delivery of engines to the plant was delayed by snow.

    Markovic has said that workers are going back to work, but unfamiliar with this year’s production plan. He has said that it is expected of the FCA executives to announce plan of production and investments in all its plants outside of Italy.

    Izvor: Beta

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