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    Tourism on its knees: More than 72 percent of workers at travel agencies lost their jobs

    More than 500 travel agencies have been shut down since the beginning of the pandemic until today, more than 350 have been put in a so-called „sleep status“, and the percentage of laid off workers has already exceeded 72 percent, the Association of Travel Agencies and Tourist Workers of Serbia – TAS INITIATIVE warns.

    TAS warns that „tourism is on its knees“ and vast majority of travel agencies will not survive.

    Majority of agencies that have been shut down or are in a „sleep status“ are intermediaries in sale of tourist arrangements, but among them there are also organizers of tourist trips.

    This association points out that there will be major consequences and there is no solution, because despite them warning the competent institutions for the past 16 months, there is no reaction.

    They point out that state’s assistance to the sector of tourism, especially the sector of travel agencies, has been lacking.

    TAS also points out that bankruptcy of several other organizers of tourist trips is about to be announced, which will cause a real earthquake on the market.

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