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    To Nuremberg in two hours: First Air Serbia airplane TAKES OFF from Constantine the Great Airport

    Today, with the flight of Air Serbia airplane from Nis to Nuremberg, flights on the routes of public importance from Constantine the Great Airport to 12 destinations in Europe were officially launched. The flight from Nis to Nuremberg will last for about two hours. From 18 July to 31 July, Air Serbia will fly from Nis on Mondays and Thursdays, and from 1 August to 26 October on Mondays and Fridays. Air Serbia will start flights from Nis to Bologna, Gothenburg, Frankfurt, Hannover, Tivat, Budapest, Karlsruhe, Friedrichshafen, Ljubljana, Rome and Salzburg from 4 August. After 4 August, Nis Airport will have a total of 22 air routes, i.e. five to eight landings and take offs per day. The public company „Aerodrom Nis“ says that the interest of passengers in Air Serbia flights is high and that more tickets than available are requested for certain destinations, such as Tivat. The company says it is ready to serve a significantly higher number of airplanes and passengers than so far. The plane that will fly to Nuremberg at 8.05 pm today will be ceremonially welcomed at the Nis airport, with traditional water cannon salute. This year and over the next two years, for the flights on the destinations of public importance Air Serbia will receive subsidies totalling 15 million euros from the state budget.

    Izvor: Beta, Blic

    Foto: Pixabay, ilustracija

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