The third AID PACKAGE worth RSD 249.4 billion was adopted

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    The third AID PACKAGE worth RSD 249.4 billion was adopted

    The Serbian government has adopted a new, third package of assistance to the economy and citizens, worth RSD 249.4 billion, in order to mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic, said Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

    While presenting the new aid measures, she said that the previous two aid packages were successful, secured in a timely fashion, well thought out, and the economy showed “toughness” and foreign investors continued to invest and employ workers.

    Together with the previous two packages, the total state aid to the economy and citizens will be RSD 953 billion, or eight billion euros.

    Thanks to the adopted measures, according to the Prime Minister, Serbia has achieved “phenomenal results” in the field of economy.

    “Just as Serbia is a role model for many countries in successful fight against the coronavirus, so our economic successes will be discussed in the coming months as well, when official data are published,” Brnabic said.

    Aid for employees in large companies as well

    Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali said that employees in micro, small, medium-sized and large enterprises will receive state aid with the third package, amounting to half the minimum wage for a total of three months, March, April and May.

    While presenting the new package of assistance to the economy, he said that a total of around 1.4 million workers will receive financial support of 50% of the minimum wage, of which 300,000 people are employed in large companies.

    “Firms apply for minimum wage assistance every month and are not entitled to lay off more than ten percent of employees three months after the last payment,” Mali said.

    He added that companies that accept aid will not be able to pay dividends this year.

    Mali said that through sector support, tourism, catering, car rental agencies and tourist guides will receive another minimum wage, and city hotels EUR 350 per room.

    According to him, road carriers will receive EUR 600 per bus for six months.

    “We have shown that state can take on the greatest burden of the crisis,” Mali said, adding that the third aid package would in no way jeopardize macroeconomic stability and the level of public debt of 60 percent in the gross domestic product (GDP).

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