The state seeks a solution for the employees of failed companies

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    The state seeks a solution for the employees of failed companies

    The state is considering the best retirement model for people older than 50 years of age who lost their jobs and do not have enough years of service to fulfil the legal retirement requirement, the Blic daily reports.

    These are mostly people who worked in failed companies and lost their jobs. Most of them have been registered in the National Employment Service for years or they occasionally work. For people who are close to 50 years of age or older, it is very hard to find a job, regardless of work experience.

    That is why the state is trying to find a way to retire them, says the source of the Blic daily familiar with the state’s plan.

    According to him, in such cases, the idea is to add the years of service to age. Thus, for example, someone who is 53 years old and has only 12 years of service, will accumulatively have 65 years and thus meet the retirement requirement. The right model and the calculation formula are still being considered.

    Therefore, the minimum age requirement and the minimum years of service are considered, the interlocutor says, adding that the Ministry of Finance is in charge of the calculation. As he explains, this is an experimental project and it remains to be seen how many people would apply and what it would look like in practice.

    On the other hand, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Dorjevic, says that he is not familiar with this plan, but he believes that the pension would be very low in this case. My message to the citizens is that they should try to find a job. The state offers them the possibility of requalification and additional qualification. We lack good experts and experienced people who know how to do their job.

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