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    The Serbian Chamber of Commerce: Issue of survival of 14 domestic polystyrene plants solved

    Amendments to the Rulebook on Technical Requirements for Fire Safety of Exterior Building Walls has adjusted domestic regulations with the EU regulations and practices of the neighbouring countries, which opens doors for producers to higher marketing of polystyrene in thermal insulation systems at building facades, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce has announced today.

    As it was pointed out, the Rulebook was emended at the initiative of the Group of Producers of Hydro and Thermal Insulations Materials of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce thus solving the issue of survival of 14 domestic polystyrene plants, which now can count on higher production of that thermal insulation material and expansion of capacities.

    The President of the Group and owner and director of the company FIME Milan Tasic has said that last year polystyrene producers had a 30 percent decrease in sales on the market of that construction material, due to previous Rulebook that greatly constricted the use of polystyrene and almost completely eliminated its application on facades.

    „It takes two to three years for the full effect of the new Rulebook, in order to return material to projects and to increase the number of orders once again,“ Tasic evaluated.

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